Time Travel

Once we have time trav­el, entre­pre­neurs will set up shops/restaurants in spe­cif­ic places and times.

For instance, I might start a record store in Seat­tle in the 90’s. And I’d adver­tise in the Space/Time Yel­low Pages. My hours of oper­a­tion would be 9 am to 9 pm, Mon­day thru Sat­ur­day, 1988 to 1994. As a time trav­el­er, I would go back to 1988 and set up my store. And I’d live in Seat­tle until 1994, at which point I would close the store and trav­el back to my own time. Con­sumers from all points in the future could find my store in the Space/Time Yel­low Pages, go back in time to when it was open, and shop.

Or, let’s say one of my ances­tors owned a restau­rant in the 60’s. As their descen­dent, I would adver­tise the restau­rant in the Space/Time Yel­low Pages (open for din­ner 7 nights a week, 1963 to 1968). Then, future con­sumers would go back in time to eat at my ances­tor’s restau­rant, and as their descen­dent, I’d earn a prof­it, which would appear in my inher­i­tance.